【日本Fancl芳珂三重燃脂减重塑形纤体片90粒】【Fancl Perfect Slim Fit Supplement 90 tablets】
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Fancl Perfect Slim Fit Supplement 90 tablets

Product description:

  • These supplements combine three ingredients that have weight loss benefits: green tea extract, piper longum, and L-carnitine.
  • The caffeine and catechin in green tea help manage appetite and potentially boost the metabolism.
  • supporting an ideal diet life to cut surplus intake and support metabolic change.
  • Helping fat burning system. (After meals)
  • Only natural ingredients without preservatives
  • How to take: 2 tablets after meals, 6 tablets per day

Ingredients: L-carnitine(200mg),alpha lipoic acid(3mg), green tea extract(64mg),Garcinia extract(837mg),red pepper(36mg), coenzyme Q10(3mg),L-orunichin(10mg),vitamin B1(1.1mg)

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